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Finish & style: Sink faucet vs RO faucet vs Sink

Ivan I
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Could you please check my thinking on this:

=== Current situation

My existing 9 yr old Delta Touch faucet needed a $160 electronic part replacement. Would rather replace with new than fix. Really enjoyed it till the solenoid? broke.

At about the same time 2 weeks ago, my 20 year old RO unit in my kitchen sink developed a leak from the manifold. Time to replace it too.

Since I've wanted a single-bowl workstation style sink since I started seeing them here, I decided to replace all 3.

=== Challenge

Am trying to coordinate the design and finish of:

- Delta Touch faucet

- RO faucet that will be nearby

- Ruvati Kitchen sink

=== RO Faucet vs Sink faucet design

I'm leaning towards the Leland

because of my choices in RO faucet that will be right next to it.

My thinking is: I should coordinate Sink faucet with RO faucet, more than the sink, because those are the 2 things sticking up out of the sink.

If I were coordinating faucet design with sink design I'd go with the Mateo in a heartbeat.

I don't see any RO faucet that coordinates with the Mateo

=== Finish

I think it's impossible to tell from pictures which brushed finish would blend best till I actually see them in person. I probably should order multiple RO faucets and return one.


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