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Renovate 1940s Home in Los Angeles

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hey guys! I need some ideas on how to renovate this home built in 1947 with a raised foundation, 2 bedrooms 1 bath, 1200 sq ft. There was new AC put in and a newer electrical panel back in the 90s, but that's about the only work that's been done on the house.

Would there be asbestos in this type of home? I'm scared that this would be a dealbreaker in terms of trying to renovate the home.

I was told the walls are lath and plaster. I wanted to add another bedroom and bathroom, spruce up the kitchen and bathrooms, and possible raise the ceiling. The windows seem original, so I have no idea how much that might cost. I think our fixtures and finishes will be mid-tier, nothing too expensive (hopefully). I just wonder if it's going to cost in the $100k range or below? We'd like to even attempt to do some stuff on our own if it's not too technical!

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