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Kitchen Help! Does a Vent Hood Over a Living Room Facing Counter Work?

Meghan Kahlig
3 years ago

We're remodeling our galley kitchen (1963 built home) and have landed on opening up a portion of the wall that faces the living room. I found a photo of a kitchen and living room that is ALMOST identical to how it would end up looking. The differences are:

- Our gas cooktop faces the living room so the range hood would not be flesh against the exterior wall

- Where the range hood is in this photo we have a square window that lets in some great natural light under the window is our kitchen sink

My concerns are that

1. A vent hood would look awkward there since it faces the living room- it would obstruct the view of the cute window

2. Can bar stools be placed on the opposite side if they're just going to be staring at a vent hood?

Has anyone remodeled their kitchen in this way? How did it look? Can you share photos? Anyone else have a fix on a discreet looking hood? Any help is appreciated!

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