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Help...Choose Tile then Counters or Counters then Tile?!

9 years ago

I got a piece of advice that made sense to me as we began to plan a kitchen remodel: "Find something you love and design around it."

We are now stumped since my husband has found 2 things he loves, but I am not sure we can make them work{{gwi:807}} together.

As we looked at granite to go with our cabinet choice, my husband kept picking slabs that had a lot of movement. Since I was envisioning a light or natural rift-sawn oak problem. However, my husband has never progressed from the "get water all over" stage. It may sound silly, but the man just does not keep water off counters, windows, trim, backsplash, and floors. I do NOT want to discourage Mr. Power-Scrubber's clean-up efforts. This has me concerned about wood floors in the kitchen.

While I can find too many tiles (and granites) that I like, he loves a porcelain tile that has movement and variety. I am having a hard time envisioning any granite with this tile. I can envision a subtle marble, but I prefer a natural stone that I do not have to "baby" which made granite the obvious choice.

Any stone counter suggestions considering Century's Darwin-Seymor tiles that are supposed to replicate Turkish "Picasso" travertine? Am I right to be concerned about granite and this tile?

Will a whole floor visually blend together more so a granite counter with movement will work? Is looking at one sample tile over-emphasizing the movement in the tile? Should we pick counter first and then tile or tile then counter?


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