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Neighbor digging on our property to build retaining wall

R. H.
4 years ago


I was wondering if anyone has run into a fencing situation like we are currently running into. Our neighbors are replacing the wooden fence they built on our property line with a wooden fence that has a solid cement base, like a low retaining wall.. The current fence was built with post holes. The purpose of the solid cement base is to keep water from our yard, which at least for certain portions is at a higher elevation than theirs, from flowing into their yard. The neighbor has indicated a trench will need to be dug about 20-24" wide, with half of that width dug on our property, in order to have a space in which to pour the concrete base/low retaining wall. I believe they intend to site this wall with half the width on their property and half the width on my property.

I am wondering what is standard in this situation. Is it normal for them to be able to dig into our property in order to install this? It is going possibly kill some of my landscaping and if the wall is sited partly on my side, it wall alter the dimensions of my perennial bed that runs along that fence.

We don't know theses neighbor well, but think they are decent folks and want to be reasonable.

Thank you!

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