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Exterior paint 1970's stone facade accent and garage questions

Pamela Uran
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

We are going to paint our exterior. Thinking BM Hale Navy with a soft white or light tan trim. Our window frames and back sliding door are beige/tan vinyl so a bright white might look too white compared to the frames. Thoughts on colors? I've been playing around with these photos, currently not painted yet.

I have three questions: 1. Our current garage door is wood and needs to be replaced- very old and spring broke (twice). Our current house color is pale sage green. Should we replace garage door with aluminum glass door or go with simpler wood door that we can paint to match body of house. 2. Should we paint the 1970's rock? It's kind of creamy white with gray. I don't mind it but I think it looks busy with different garage. 3. We also have two chimneys on each side of house. Really ugly dark brown brick. Should we paint to match trim, paint body color or a medium gray. (I've seen this in pictures with our color options.) Front door (which you can't see in this photo) will be black maybe. FWIW roof looks beat up in this photo but is not that bad. Eventually will replace.

This is current garage door. Not painted this color yet, this is photoshopped.

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