Floof! What's on your counters?

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Mine are somewhat crowded. The "kitchen" part of the kitchen is in a half rectangle/u shape. One side is a long countertop that has no power outlets on the walls, so I use that part for my candle/cube pouring. The other side has the sink in the middle. One side of the sink has my pink kitchenaid stand mixer and new pretty pink air fryer. The other side has SOs single cup coffee maker and my Alabama crock pot. The last side,stove in the middle. To the left of the stove,my heavy wooden cutting board, pretty pink knife set in a clear holder, and a pink bread box. To the right of the stove,my little pink heart ramekins with salt and pepper, pink utensil crock full of pink utensils for my cooking, tiny pink toaster oven,another different pink bread box, and a regular toaster. (Pink, in case there was any doubt)
So do you have crowded counters? I like to have things right there. Or do you prefer to keep things stored out of eyesight or out of the way until you use it? I have to admit I feel like I have to clean more since there is so much stuff. I regularly move my beloved stuff to clean under and behind it,just in case of stray crumbs.

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