I'm Confused Again, and a Little Paranoid - CBD Oil in Florida


OK, now there's a story in the news here in Florida about the Great-Grandmother visiting Disney World from North Carolina getting arrested for having CBD oil in her purse. What??? I've bought this in a health food store, I still have it in my possession, now I'm technically a felon??? Technically, you are supposed to have a prescription from a doctor to possess this or you are breaking the law. Yet there is a sign pretty much on every major throughway here about the sale of CBD oil. The CBD oil in the woman's purse tested positive for THC and that's why she was arrested. The charges were dropped but how stupid is this? I just think the whole thing needs to be dropped and make it and pot legal period already. Even though I think CBD oil is this decade's snake oil, (it didn't help me or my dog) I think it's ridiculous to keep these stupid laws on the books, if people think it's helping them let them have it already.

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it does sound ridiculous. It did nothing for my dog. I am thinking there are different kinds. My good friend had to have a doctor's prescription for hers. She was on chemo and it help her with her symptoms.

When I bought mine for the dog, I was told that it came from Colorado! I think the only way I would use it is if I personally knew someone who used it and was successful with whatever and where ever they got theirs.

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I originally bought it for the dog. She has extreme storm anxiety and the vet suggested I try it. It didn't phase it. So I decided since it has been touted to help pain that I would try it for my arthritis. Nada. And it tasted horrible, to the point of almost throwing up. But I've kept it in case I wanted to try it again for something else. And it was very expensive. I was looking for it around a year ago and it was very hard to find any - now it's everywhere. I know that there are different grades and different reactions to chemicals, so maybe it is helpful for some. But I don't understand why the laws are still on the books to deem it illegal. Supposedly if there is any THC in it at all it's in minute amounts.

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Apparently it is a statutory timing issue. That is not unusual, for there to be a small gap while a bill is being finalized and while it awaits an effective date.

Hester Jordan Burkhalter was arrested on April 15, 2019 and spent 12 hours behind bars before bonding out on $2000.00.

Her charges were dropped, but her experience raises the question about why CBD oil is on store shelves in many forms in Florida but it is a felony to possess.

This is the so-called grey zone.

The 2018 federal Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp on the federal level, on the state level SB 1020 will establish Florida’s first hemp program.

The bill has yet to take effect.

Medical Marijuana Program Connection@MMPconnection

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ALL of us Floridians are anxiously awaiting the Florida Medical Cannabis Legislation that will be finalized sometime in April of this ...- https://mmpconnect.com/florida-medical-cannabis-cbd-oil/ … -#weed #medicalmarijuana #THC


8:27 AM - May 5, 2019

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Until it does, the Commissioner of Agriculture cannot create a state program to regulate hemp and CBD,and the products will remain illegal.

Keep in mind while Burkhalter was charged with a felony, if she had possessed less than 19 grams of leaf marijuana, she would have been charged with a misdemeanor.

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I'll wait for more information on this vague concept called CBD oil. Without controls and testing, I'm guessing placebo effect -- same as with most undefined 'supplements' .

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Elmer J Fudd

There's no reason to be paranoid. Throw it away. Or keep it. If you do, don't take it to Disneyland.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

We use a CBD oil derived from hemp. In a couple of weeks, my chronic knee pain disappeared and has remained so for the three or four months I've been taking it. It also helps induce a restful sleep, possibly by reducing anxiety.

My knee has been affected by osteoarthritis for years and I have been examined by an orthopedic surgeon and have had the "replacement" discussion. Without a doubt, the oil has given me some time to get back into shape before the surgery. For now, my knee is pain free at all times, including first thing in the morning, for the first time in years.

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CBD oil works just fine for my husband. He has some straight CBD oil (he can operate a motor vehicle when taking it) and some with THC in it (he cannot operate a motor vehicle when taking it). He uses the straight CBD during the day when his pain is bad to help ease it. He uses it with the THC at night to lessen the pain more so he can sleep. It has worked better for him than his expensive prescription medication which only lasted 20 minutes to 30 minutes TOPS, twice a day (the most he could take his medication for).

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