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Anyone else dealing with scoliosis?

4 years ago

I've had scoliosis all my life, but for most of that time it never bothered me. In fact, I didn't even know I had it until a physician pointed it out to me when I was in my thirties. I took note of it, briefly, and then forgot about it--that is, until about five years ago, when it started getting worse and making me uncomfortable. Now it's gone way beyond discomfort.

I have lumbar scoliosis, which means the curve starts in my lower back. Instead of emerging from my pelvis straight up and down, at a 90º angle, it slants out at a 45º angle and goes into a big C curve. My x-ray image was shocking. I understood why it hurts so much to go over bumps on my riding mower.

At least it did last year. This year the scoliosis has become such a big problem that I wonder if I'll be able to use the riding mower at all. I sure hope I will. Scoliosis has severely limited my walking, standing, and most physical activities. Since it gets worse every year I worry it will cripple me. I guess I should visit an orthopedist. It's too late for surgery, I react badly to cortisone, and don't tolerate pain meds well, so I can't imagine what s/he can do for me, but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. I tried physical therapy twice, two different places. Both therapists said there was nothing they could do for the scoliosis, but they had me doing lower-back exercises. Both experiences left me worse off than before. Stretching helps--and I do it a lot--but the relief is very temporary.

Anyone else?

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