Removing Folding Closet Doors

Nathan Rightnour
2 years ago

Hi everyone. I'm in an apartment and need to take down my closet doors because they protrude too far into the room, eating up the little space I have, and I have acoustic treatment in the closet that will make the room sound less reverberant. It's two folding doors:

I want to remove them correctly but I'm not quite sure how this mechanism works. Can anyone give any pointers?

The first photo below is the left door, top, against the wall. The next one is back a few steps.

My main question is how to get the wheels off the track. It doesn't seem possible because the ends (first photo) are so solidly screwed in. It's not like those shower doors that easily come off the tracks.

If you're wondering, yes I'm keeping them for re-installation when I move out.

Thanks in advance!

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