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Replacing bi-fold doors with regular doors...? (pic)

15 years ago

I want to replace two sets of bi-fold doors from closets in my entryway, but not sure where to begin.

The framing around the closet openings is metal w/ 1/2 sheetrock. The floor will be tile over concrete. I built the divider between the two closets w/ wood framing, and I installed bi-fold doors (from home center) temporarily.

However, now that I'm changing the floor I also want to replace the bi-fold doors with two side by side doors on each closet. I'm concerned that the framing is not stiff/sturdy enough to support the doors, and how to convert...

Can I just put wood trim around the inside of the openings and hinge from there? Or does the framing need to be reinforced....

Another problem I have is that I don't think I can get a set of prehung double doors into my apartment, unless I could take it apart first.

Thanks for the help!

picture of the closets:

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