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Help BM Simply White walls, trim and cabinets??

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hello, my husband and I are first time home buyers and just bought a home that we're doing some updates to. The home faces North West and has lots of gorgeous trees but doesnt get a ton of natural sun light.

After trying lots of whites on the walls, we think we want to go with BM Simply White in eggshell to brighten the space. The ceilings had popcorn which is all being removed and the contractor is painting them a pure white, basically the color of primer. My question is, what color and sheen should we do the trims?

The living room has a brick fireplace, and built in cabinets too. Should those be Simply White eggshell too, or should they stand out a bit and match the trims?

And lastly, what color should we paint the kitchen cabinets? My thought was to paint the trim, cabinets, fireplace and built ins the same "white" to go with the walls that will be BM Simply White Eggshell.

Please let me know your thoughts. :) Ive attached some photos of the new kitchen tile we're installing, living room and kitchen that we're painting. The photos are of the home staged.


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