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Outdoor leadership excursion for DS post graduation....

4 years ago

Just wondering if anyone has heard of or is familiar with NOLS excursion? My DS graduates HS this year & school has always been a struggle. I really feel he lacks the maturity &desire to go straight to college right now. He has asked for a "adapt year" in Colorado to work & be able to immerse himself in the activities available in the mountains. DH graduated college in Colorado &they both have a passion for that area &lifestyle.

This is a 69 day excursion-backpacking, rock climbing & Rafting. I am hoping that this will help with maturity, confidence in himself (lack of from years of struggle/hating school), and also providing him

life long skills in these activities. Hoping that completing this will help in making him a better candidate for a job at a resort.

Its hard to think about sending him off to the unknown!!! My DH is all for this & even jealous of the opportunity!! But, this mama is looking for some reassurance:)


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