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Help! Bathroom Floorplan Layout Ideas

Brad Edward
3 years ago

Hi All,

We are currently amidst a renovation and this is one of the last decisions we need to make. We are looking for some advice on the bathroom layout and how to design this to be most practical.

There are three attachments, one of the current layout as proposed by our architect (the zoomed out picture of the master suite), the others is our current idea of the alternative layout.

A few notes:

- The width (7'11") must remain, although we can adjust the length (currently 12' 1") of the space. Any length we extend will eat into the master closet (see attached floorplan).

- The current shower is HUGE, in my opinion. 42" x 95". We are open to doing a corner neo-angle shower, or just shortening it. If we shorten it, we might be left with some unusable space at one end.

- We really want the enclosed power room, but are worried things are becoming too tight. We have 95" to work with. If we do 24" for the vanity, 36" for the walkway, 36" for the enclosed powder room, 2" for the partition = 98". Need to grab 3" from somewhere. Thoughts?

- There is a roof that runs halfway up the wall from a room on the first level behind the vanity in our alternative layout. Would love to put a window or two somewhere, could probably do something above the mirrors or skylights for some natural light.

Any advice or suggestions will be so hugely appreciated!

Thank you,


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