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installing new doors into old frames

5 years ago

I am replacing all the doors in my old prewar apartment as part of a complete reno. I decided to go with Trustile because I am going for a lux feel and trying to go as high end as budget allows. There are a few questions I'm having a hard time with that neither my contractor and the supplier can answer adequately.

With Trustile, you customer order the doors to your spec. Is the best way to order exactly what I need, or order a bit bigger and have the contractor cut on site? My doors range from 23.25-23.75in wide and 82-82.5in high. I decided to order 24x83 but just want to confirm I'm not making a mistake.

Also, these are hollow metal frames with the hinges built in. There are only 2 hinges and they are 3.5in. I want to go for 1 3/4in thick because that is what the frame seems to fit even though there are now hollow 1 3/8in doors in place. Will the hinges support the weight? I am getting single flat panel doors so I hope that cuts down on the weight. I do have one 30in door, and one 24in door will get a mirror so those will be heavier. I measure the outside of the frame to the doorstop at about 1 7/8in. This must indicate 1 3/4in doors were on here at some point before, right?

I have included a few pics just to make it more clear. Thanks for any help!

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