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New Door Frame for an Old Door.

I recently moved into a '70's modular bungalow. The front door sticks like crazy. At first I thought it was the cold; then I thought it was the push-button lock. Now that the weather is ok to work with the front door open, I can see the the door jamb is a bunch of cobbled together bits and pieces with out of size lock/knob holes and through holes that are all chewed up. There is nothing really wrong with the door: it is a solid wood frame with a full thermal lite.

So, am I crazy to think that I can replace the whole jamb and keep the door, or would it be better for my sanity to just buy a new door, and fit it in.....I am an OK structural carpenter, my fine strokes need help, but I have installed doors and windows before that were within 1/8 to 1/4" of plumb/level.

Many thanks - this one have me worried.


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