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New importing problem with Sony Cyber-shot

Clay Gratz
3 years ago

Sony Cyber-shot camera.

I have been importing photos and a couple of videos all along, with no problems, and getting them in files on my desktop. I use the import option in the window that comes up when unloading the camera. This let's me drag the photo into to a file i have ready in another window that I have opened.

Suddenly, I am getting an error notice when the importing has shortly commenced and then it will not complete the importing to give me the thumbnail foto I need to drag into the file. Here is the error notice I get::

"Error - impending DSC 01253 JPG

The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process".

I have restarted with a clean fresh computer screen, and I have taken all pictures out of the camera and tried with a new test photo. I can't figure out what other process may be in play.

My trips to Sony help pages have given me no help at all.

I would appreciate any input, and not have to resort to Sony's 800 help number. I have had harrowing experiences with other situations where help is shunted to some 3rd party whose command of English is minimal.

Thank you,

Clay Gratz

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