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Need help with a low budget kitchen reno (photos included)

5 years ago

Hey all,

so last year my husband and I decided to paint our 1950's knotty pine kitchen cabinets. We originally wanted it white but we went for a dark espresso color. We added a new counter top, back splash.. it made our kitchen look better but we didn't finish it and it has been in a "stand by" ever since.

Long story short, we're working back at it now and decided to paint it white. We got a bucket of Oil based Kilz and applied one coat to part of the kitchen cabinets to test it out (that's why you see a part of it white, that's the kilz not the actual paint color).

I choose Behr's Ultra White paint, not sure if that's too white? But, my kitchen is pretty small, perhaps that will allow it to look bigger?

Now.. I really feel like just no matter how many paint upgrades we do the kitchen will always have this odd look. I feel like changing the cabinet doors? Sort of just want the regular shaker style.

We're on a low budget, so everything is being done by ourselves. I want to tell my husband a few ideas I had in mind but, wanted to run it by you guys first:

1. Maybe remove the top and bottom kitchen cabinet doors (8 in total), leave the kitchen cabinet box and purchase unfinished cabinet doors and paint them the same color white? Or buy assembled kitchen cabinets at least for the top part? Not sure which would be better or cheaper.

2. Remove those big hinges on those cabinet doors! No idea why we choose those.

3. We have a new black dishwasher that will be replaced.

4. Paint the kitchen door

any other advice,changes etc.. please feel free to comment. Thank you!

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