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Investigation of extensive abuse on Canadian junior sports teams

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

An investigation of sexual abuse in many young people's various sports programs, in which Canada's national broadcaster participated/(organized?) has found that over 600 have been found to have been abused, and over 200 coaches and others found guilty. The abuse has been found in many sports.
It is suggested that parents need to discuss not only actions on the field, but in the prep and training areas, while on travel activities, etc. and discuss what actions are acceptable and which not so.
There was also an in-depth intervew with a knowledgeable, positive woman who has dealt with MS for something like 30 years and now is quite active, acting from a wheelchair.
There are several other interesting stories, which are outlined at www
There have been some worthwhile, perceptive stories related to the 40th anniversary of a desire for reform in a middle eastern country and the revolution that resulted.
'Nuff said, or it may well disappear into thin air - again.
There are a number of other stories carrying interesting and useful information.
Or ... so says ole joyfuelled.

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