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How do I upload a picture and then place it someplace else?

I am in charge of my book clubs next meeting. We have a web page. When I create an event, there is a space that says upload photo. I want to upload a picture of the book jacket.


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Without being able to see your screen this might be difficult to explain. Hit Upload. Generally, that brings up something that says, Browse. Click that button and navigate to where you've saved the picture. Click on the picture and then click open. Usually, that should do the job.

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Is the picture on your phone, or on an already existing website, like Amazon? If the latter, right-click on the photo and 'Save As' to someplace where you can find it easily (I'm a Windows user, and usually save things to my desktop for easy retrieval.)

Then on your book club's web page, click where it says to upload the photo and navigate to your desktop (or wherever you've saved the picture) and click on the photo.

If the photo is on your it an iPhone or Android? If the former, I can't help you. :-)

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I only use a computer, not a phone. So I right click the photo and Save Image As and it saves to my desktop. I then attach it from there.

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You need to be aware that there are some things that although you may see them on your computer they have internal protections to prevent them from being shared. Sometimes copying and pasting will override this but not always.

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Or, if it won't copy and paste, you can take a screen shot and save it to your desktop (or elsewhere on your computer), then upload it onto your website.

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Just for the record! And to extrapolate on what Maifleur has contributed.

When you "save as" a photo or any piece that you find on the internet that you want to use for your own or post to a thread...please...change the name or number of the photo or piece to your own name [i.e. "winters woof"] or number [winter 123] when you "save as".'re stealing bandwidth and that is not only technically's considered very bad manners by the internet community as a whole. Some copyrighted material is coded so it won't allow linking but not all. Some sites are careful with their material and they move it around from time-to-time. If you saved it and didn't "own it" by giving it a new name...wherever you used it...the vision will suddenly disappear from view.

Read through the info linked below. It will explain much more than space allows here.'ll be a much more appreciated internet user.

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