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Special gift for niece/nephew wedding - any ideas?

3 years ago

Hi all,

There are such creative people on this forum - I thought I'd ask for some ideas.

I have a niece and a nephew who are each getting married in the next 12-24 months. These will be the first weddings of this generation (I have 5 total nieces and nephews and DH has 4), so i'd like to start a new tradition and give them a very special gift (we will also give them money).

I was hoping to give them something personalized that they would use in their home and use forever. Both my niece and my nephew have been living with their fiance/ee for several years, so have set up a household somewhat, though I know they both have limited space.

Both couples enjoy cooking and are pretty traditional (they would/do put up a Christmas tree). So it could be personalized Christmas stockings, etc. I really want to give them something they will love because they and their soon-to-be spouses are all great people.

Any ideas you have would be so appreciated!

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