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Can anyone explain this bird behavior?

4 years ago

Is there a bird whisperer here? We have a brick porch that runs along the front of the house. In winter we store a few loads of fire wood there. Looking out the kitchen window today we have been seeing about a dozen or so tiny birds sitting on the wood pile. In the 31 years we have been living here we have never seen such behavior before from birds.

There are no nests being built and no bugs to be eaten. And I don't have any birdfeeders outside at this time. They fly away when we go outside, then fly right back the minute we go inside. It has been raining non stop for over 24 hours so thought they were looking for a dry place to perch. But we have had rain like this before and they never acted like this. DH is mad because there is bird poo EVERYWHERE. Why would they act like this?


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