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Step Child Issues

5 years ago

So a little background.. Me and my partner have been together just over three years, we made the decision to be have a go at the relationship thing pretty quick as i fell pregnant with our child very soon after we met. And in the beginning my step child wasn't around very much at all.

now so many years on and I'm at home with the kids while he works all sorts of hours. And honestly i cant stand the fact that i end up left having to take care of his daughter pretty much by myself whenever she is here. Him and his mother are constantly extending her stays without even talking to me about it and I'm the one that takes full responsibility for her when she is here.

However, the biggest issue is when she's here she makes me feel very uneasy. She has always told little lies about me, as she tried to say things to my family when she first came along. But more recently she told a very big lie about her step father and child services ended up involved. Now whenever she is here I'm so scared she is going to do the same to me and then i end up being investigated. No body ever talks to her about these lies and they act like the sun shines out of her you know what.

She has also stolen money from my daughter and no one even corrected her. Of course if i say anything my partner doesn't like it. I feel like he just let's her get away with anything and everything because she's not here full time. We'll I or one am glad she's not because I'm sick and tired of being the one having to put up with everything and not even getting a say. I cant wait until she goes back to her mothers and things can go back to normal. It's so much more peaceful without her here.

If I'm going to be honest whenever she is here i just feel like leaving my partner. I cant stand the stress and being prone to depression my mental state really suffers after a couple weeks. But he is such a good man, he's everything I've ever wanted and i can tell he loves me very much as he will do almost anything for me which makes it so hard to actually go. But deep down i know I'm never going to feel comfortable with his daughter and i just don't know what to do. Specially since we only have her on school holidays and a few times in between.

As sad as it sounds i can only hope as she gets older she has less interest in coming here while she slowly starts her own life since she spends most of her time at her mothers who lives quite far away. And until then I'm just going to try to keep playing the part and hope for the best.

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