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Miele CSO to stack with 24" Miele speed oven or 30" single oven?

4 years ago

I think that I am set on getting the Miele XXL combination steam oven for my new kitchen! However, I am trying to decide as to whether I should pair it with the 24" Miele speed oven, which will be sitting on top of the combination steam oven, or go with the 30" single oven, in which case, the single oven will sit pretty low, given then XXL combination steam oven size?

I think that for my own use, the CSO + speed oven should be sufficient, but should I go with the 30" single oven, because the 30" capacity will be more versatile for larger items like the turkey? Also, the single oven has the self-cleaning feature too, which neither the CSO or the speed oven has. However, one needs to bear in mind that since the CSO is only 24" wide, to pair it with the 30" single oven, one would need to purchase the expensive trim kit for the CSO....

What would YOU do in this situation? Thanks for your advice/suggestions/opinions!

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