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Window and fireplace remodel! Remove old arches windows

Rachel Carlson
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hello! We just bought a house and plan to remodel soon! The house isnt old but the people who built it are and we feel it's very 70s looking. It is solid oak around the windows and fireplace. It is hard to describe what we want to do but I'll try. We want to remove that middle window and mantel, make it stone around the fireplace and extended the stone all the way to the ceiling, place a mantel and mount our tv above it. We then would like to square off those round windows and make it two tall rectangular windows on both sides of the fireplace. We are handy but are not too proud to hire a contractor. Curious on what the possible cost might be and where to start? We live in Wichita, KS. Please see comments for pictures!

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