Experience with cabinet-depth hidden range hood inserts?

Stacey Collins
2 years ago

I'm helping a friend with her kitchen and she loves the European look where all of the upper cabinets are the same hight from the counter... same height above sink, range, and everything. We have talked a lot about loss of storage space and she's happy with the tradeoff for the look she loves. it's a small kitchen with very high 12' ceilings, and it will look pretty fabulous like this.

She wants to do the Euro thing with a cabinet-depth range hood.

She wants a gas range.

I'm a big proponent of a large high CFM hood with big capture area, especially over the newer higher BTU gas ranges. But she really doesn't want to see a range hood. In theory, a small hood like that makes me nervous, but does anyone have one? How well does it work? Any recommendations?

I suppose a slide-out might be a second choice, but I think she really doesn't want to see anything at all if possible. This is what I mean:

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