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AV + Security Bids = Super Confusing. Who Knows What This Stuff Means?

Jerri Blank
4 years ago

I got 3 bids for AV + Security (pre-wire, equipment, installation, etc) for my house. I have no idea what I am looking at. Here is what we asked them to quote:

- Speakers in 2 rooms (kitchen & living room... but should this be one speaker per room? two per room? I don't know!)

- Speakers outside

- TV pre-wire for 3 rooms (one guy included 5 rooms in his bid, that's okay)

- Internet (they're all saying that 3 access points is right)

- Security with 8 cameras

The bids are attached and I would be so so so so grateful if someone who knows what all of this means would look at them and help me decipher which is the right bid. I can't even tell if they are all quoting comparable equipment, or if they are all comprehensive. I do not want change orders (obviously).

I did notice already that on bid#3 the guy left out the actual speakers - so his price will go up once those are added back in (change order before we've even started!!). And I noticed that bid#1 proposed 3TB of storage for the 8 channel NVR (claiming that it would be enough for 1 month of storage), but bid#2 proposed 6TB, claiming that 3TB wouldn't be enough. How much do I actually need? (This is based on motion recording). They are also all quoting different brands - how much better are the brands bid#3 is quoting, or is it the kind of thing where the brand doesn't matter so much? What is missing from these bids?

And so on and so on. Help!

So like I said - I have no idea what any of this means, and I don't know who to hire. All three bids are based off of referrals.

Please help!

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