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Bathroom vanity mirrors; one or two and lighting

4 years ago

I have an 8-9 foot wall that will have a toilet and a 60" double sink vanity on it.

In the ceiling above the toilet and vanity are 3 recessed lights 12" from the wall (one above toilet and the other two above sinks)

Assuming I'd have two mirrors above each sink, I bought two double-light vanity lights to go over each mirror.

I then decided I might return those and instead get three sconces: one on each outside of two mirrors and one in between.

But now I'm thinking of skipping the two individual mirrors and getting one large one, the one large mirror could make the small space feel larger and allow for more "primping" room for my daughters. The mirror measure 58" wide so I could put a sconce on each side (2 lights that are 60" from each other), but is that enough overall lighting with the 2 recessed lights above?

I'd love to hear from those who actually have sconces, one mirror or two.

The overhead vanity light (with the 3 recessed) always seemed ok, and I think they are all visually pleasing....but everyone claims sconces are the way to go, so any actual testimonies would be appreciated!

Thanks :)

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