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Real Photos + Cost$$ : IKEA Cabinets + Scherr's Solid Shaker Doors

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

This is our fourth kitchen renovation, so we've come to learn what's important to us. This time around there were some high-end things we know we want—fully integrated paneled appliances + marble slab backsplash—and some low-end things we were open to if they provided substantial cost savings and didn't stint on quality.

There's a growing trend to use IKEA cabinets and custom doors. My contractor said ours is his 6th such kitchen—some used Semihandmade doors and others Reform. This was his first experience with Scherr's (mine too) and we are all so impressed that I wanted to share this with anyone who might be looking for information about it.

When I priced out cabinets for my kitchen design, the semi-custom lines like Kraftmaid were quoting around $40k+ for shaker cabinets and all the internal organizers that for me are must-haves. That's where the semi-custom lines get you in the pocketbook—the organizers. I know so many friends who at the last minute had to cut the organizers, and they're sorry.

So this time around I decided to price out IKEA boxes with custom doors (cut to fit IKEA and with hinges already bored). The IKEA cabinets plus internal organizers came to about $3,000. Scherr's custom shaker doors came to about $10,000 for painted—unpainted wood (you choose the type) are way less.

That's a cost savings of about $25,000.

For those who are wondering what the combination looks like, here are some "in-progress" photos:

And the big splurge — marble slab backsplash:

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