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Where do I go from here?

5 years ago

My partners ex moved away with th children meaning he could no longer have them every weekend as agreed. He has them as often as possible around work and with what out money can afford for train fare (he doesn't drive and neither does she) she has recently been having a go at him for not seeing them regularly even after he explained our money situation and that he can't always change his shifts at work. Apparantly these are just excuses. We have had a weekend agreed to se them for over 6 weeks now and have had train tickets booked which she has now gone back on. We found out that she came down to visit friends the other weekend and didn't even ask if we would like to see the kids as she was down. She is now saying she doesn't see why I can't pick them up and drop them back all the time even though I too work and have a small child myself who hates the journey. How is this fair on me? What do I do

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