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Echeandia texensis AKA Texas Craglily

Talking about Natives, here's a good one. It is also known as Texas Shooting Star Lily. This Texas Native barely sticks its nose above the US border around Brownsville, BUT it is quite cold hardy. I have a friend who grows them in OKC without any problem. I love them . They are carefree needing no irrigation on top of my alkaline limestone hill west of Austin. They take a lot of shade to mostly sun. I haven't tried them out in full sun yet but they are advertised to grow naturally in full sun grassy fields. I have not tried them in Caliche , but they do well in barely amended rocky soil that has some leaf mulch from the oak tree above. They bloom NOW after being mostly invisible till late summer when I start noticing their strappy grasslike leaves. I have been growing them for over 15 years and I still have the original plants, so they are long lived so far. I have never seen any volunteering in my garden till this year and boy do I have volunteering this year. I guess they are opportunistic waiting for that late summer where we get weeks of rain. The hurricanes and tropical systems that come on shore in South Texas probably supply this in nature.. I have collected their seeds in the fall and raked them into the top of 4" pots and forgotten about them Then watered them once the soil warms up in the spring. They are EASY to germinate and grow. Several people have gotten them from me at the San Antonio swap. It is one of those plants that I am trying to get banks off. I love how they look on the edge of shade. Their yellow starlike flowers set of by the shade behind. They are good as a complimentary color to the purple blooming Mexican bush sage.

I don't see them in many peoples gardens. I don't know why since they tick off all my requirements. Pretty, Tough , Native, flexible, etc. Butterflies and bees like them.

What is your experience with them. What kind of soil do you have them in and how do they act for you. Castrogardener said that they would germinate in her yard easily. I think she is on amended clay.

Here they are germinating. I am thinning them out and moving them to other areas of the garden. I will run the risk of having too many since they grow in so many divergent conditions.. LOL.. They behave well with the spring annuals . Those are the annual winecups and Oenothera speciousa

I need to encourage more around this bush sage.... God knows I have more to move there.

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