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HAVE: San Antonio Fall Plant Swap

DATE: Saturday, October 9, 2010

TIME: 9:00 until......

PLACE: MacArthur Park on Loop 410 in San Antonio. Google maps will give directions.

PAVILLION #1. It has several large tables with benches. Bring your own sack lunch and drink. A dessert to share would be yummy :-)

The main theme for the SAPS is to enjoy the company of other gardeners, keep things loose, & have fun.

We all bring our extra plants, plus any garden related "stuff" like garden magazines, iron fence pieces, baskets, buckets, pots, manure, fertilizer, etc.

Pre-trades are good, since you know you'll be getting something you want, & you know your stuff is getting a new home.

You can swap anything for anything, no "rules" about seed-for-seed, plant-for-plant, etc; as long as the gardeners agree, there you go.

You can swap a Ferrari for a package of tomato seeds if you want (or a cow for a package of magic beans ;-)!

Just post what you have & what you want, & people can reply with offers. once both gardeners agree they're in business!

Do not remove plants or other items from tables. Plants and things no longer up for trade are placed beneath the tables and are off limits.

It's handy to put your pre-trades for each person in a box with that person's name on it & jot down on the label or box what you are to get from that person.

If you have room in your vehicle, it's good to bring a card table, cart or little red wagon.

Loose comfy clothing, comfy shoes, a hat, maybe a sweater, water, hand lotion or sun block, newspapers for packing, Sharpies, notebook, camera, labels, etc are all good things to have on hand "just in case".

Even if you don't have much extra plants or garden material for trading yet, cookies & brownies go over very well. We don't worry about even-steven trades.

Many of us have been doing this for several years, & we *always* have tons of plants that we'll trade for a token or even "free to good home".

(Even if you've only decided to start a garden on Friday night, by Saturday afternoon, you can start working on your garden!)

We also bring fun stuff for door prize drawings. You can bring anything garden related like used or new books, pots, decorative items, tools, gloves, etc. for the drawing. We like to have lots of things so everybody gets something.

There will be a can for donations to cover the $65.00 cost of renting the pavilion.

See you there!

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