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How to tile over tile - should I use a membrane between tiles?

5 years ago

We're updating our basement bathroom. The existing tile is 8x8, good shape, laid over concrete subfloor. We are not taking up this tile - we've done that enough in this house :-) My question is: should I use a Schluter tile underlay membrane between the tile layers? I tried contacting Schluter but no answer yet - they don't have this question on their website that I can find, either. I just want to ensure the new tiles will never crack. There are a couple hairline cracks on the existing tile from the concrete shifting - we've lived in this house five years and they were there when we moved in. No new cracks since, but I to ensure new tiles don't crack. I've read lots about applying tile over tile using modified thinset, but nothing to be found about putting a membrane down, then the new tile. Anyone done this?

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