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Help Bill Vincent et al. Should I Remove Tile and Start Over?

15 years ago

The tile guy I hired did the demo, installed green board and cement (at least it looks like cement), and yesterday started tiling the shower. I hate it. Am I overreacting? What should I do? I put the project on indefinite hold. Please help me. I've never posted before, but I've read the forum from time to time. Should have read it more. I attached a link to pictures, and I would really appreciate some opinions. I would rather tear it out and write off the cost to experience than to continue down the wrong road. My issues are -

1. The layout on the left and right sides have two 12s in the middle and two sixes on each side. The center section has 3 12s, which is what I expected on all 3 sides. It looks terrible - to me.

2. Using the 23+" piece makes it almost impossible to make everything flush, and my eye goes to the places where it is very slighly not flush. Will that go away when it's grouted?

3. The shower is much smaller. He put a thick layer of cement over the greenboard, and adding that to the thick tile and stuff that holds it to the wall (don't know what that's called), the shower is about 1-2 inches narrower, and it was small to begin with.

Before he bid, I showed him the 5/8in throughbody Ann Sacks porcelain (looks like creamy limestone), which came in 11+in x 23+ in. I asked him: Is this tile too thick, too heavy, too big because I want non-staggered ~12in square pattern in my 36x36" shower. No problem he said. I am 100% certain that he understood my questions. He didn't want to talk about layout - later he said.

Yesterday he informed me that cutting the tile in two pieces is "a lotta work." I gave in and agreed to a staggered pattern that he promised would look like the squares I wanted. I said ok, but be sure that each of the side of the shower are even (I meant 3 12" squares per side, knowing that at the front edges it might have to be a bit shorter to accommodate a bullnose.

Opinions please? Thank you so much for your help. Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Karen's Bathroom

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