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Which ceiling fan light for these small bedrooms?

5 years ago

Currently these two condo bedrooms do not have overhead lights. And despite the mountain location, it gets very warm in the summer. For practical reasons we are adding overhead fan / lights. We have narrowed it down to 2 LED models, both with 1600 lumens, 3000K color and 90 CRI. Both are similar size (44" and 42" diameter blade sweep) with a 14" drop from the ceiling

for these small bedrooms. These photos were taken with a very wide-angle lens and a strong flash. The carpet and paint are also being refreshed to medium-dark grey carpet and light greige walls. We are also replacing the white doors with wood doors, trim, and baseboards. Bed sizes are Queen, Double and Twin for perspective.

Which model fan do you prefer? And more importantly which color? I've included a photo of our choices.

And, I know someone will ask about the bed in front of the door. It's a "lock off unit" where you can lock this bedroom and bathroom off from the rest of the unit and rent it like a hotel room. We do not do that. We use and rent the entire 2-bedroom condo. Please do not worry about our sanity or safety. We do not want to remove the door, but if it distracted and amused you and you want to suggest a design solution, please feel free.

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