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Add fan in small bedroom with 8' ceiling?

8 years ago

I recently added a ceiling fan in my MBR, which has a vaulted ceiling. I'm thinking about adding a ceiling fan in the study / guest bedroom, which is about 12' x 12' and has an 8' ceiling. There is a desk in the room, not a bed; however, at some point, I may move a queen size bed into that room - length of bed with headboard is 7 feet.

I've seen two rules regarding ceiling fan placement: 1) place fan in the center of the room and 2) don't place fan over a bed. To avoid having any part of a fan blade over the bed, I would need to center fan at about 3' from the wall opposite the head of the bed versus centering fan at 6' from the wall.

Will it look odd to place a fan off-center in order to accommodate a possible bed in the room? Would being off-center negate the effectiveness of a fan?

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