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3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

The brown racer stripes down the awning are hideous! The wrought iron railing painted white (sooo 1980’s) isn’t helping. The roof is brown and will be for a while. Until that can be replaced I’m debating if I should try and make the yellow and brown tones work.

For example I could paint the front door Hamilton blue (benjamin Moore) and paint the awning white (to go with the white railings). However, I feel that will still be a dated look.

The other option is i pretend the brown roof doesn’t exist (lol) and go with the color scheme I want. I would ideally paint front door a bright red, change the shutters to black, and paint the awning and the railings black to make them look like true wrought iron. I would also plant some evergreen shrubs in front of the home too.

what do you think would look nicer:

painting front door blue and awning white to make current color scheme work?


go with updated color scheme, even though the roof will be brown...?

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