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Ugliest Bathroom in the World: Basement Bathroom Renovation

Anna Bialik
5 years ago

My husband and I are first time homeowners who are beginning the planning and design process to renovate a basement bathroom that is original to our 2,000 sq foot ranch built in 1956. There is an additional 1800 or so square feet in the basement that is largely unfinished with the exception of a good sized guest bedroom and this hideous bathroom (pics attached). The bathroom is approximately 9 ft (108.5 inches) wide and 4.6 ft (56.6 inches) deep and will be used primarily as a guest bathroom. Full ceiling height is 7 ft. Houses in our area go for around $110 (needs total renno) to $150 (fully updated) per sq ft. We bought in the mid range of this. For this bathroom, we plan to install a new shower, vanity, toilet, tile floor and additional storage. Here are my questions:

1) Is the size of the bathroom okay or should we move the wall with the door to make the bathroom 6 inches deeper? We cannot make the bathroom wider due to other structural things happening on both sides of the bathroom, but we could eat into the hallway on the other side a bit. Is 6 inches worth the hassle and cost?

2) Tile shower or prefab shower/tub stall? For our market, we are leaning towards the prefab shower stall based on cost, ease and speed of installation and because our sense is that buyers in this market are more interested in everything being finished and updated as opposed to super high end finishes in basements. We also have two ground level bathrooms to renovate and prefer to spend less money on this one and more on the other two. (We are not trying to flip the property, we are just trying to make smart investments and not overspend on what is the first of many many improvements we need to make to the house.)

3) If we do a prefab shower stall, is there a product that will connect the old drain to the new one securely? Is this easy to do? Is this easier to do if we do an all tile shower? My husband is super handy and has done a few renovations (maybe 5 total kitchen and bath renovations) would connecting this drain be something he could probably do or would we need to hire a plumber?

4) Any design recommendations are welcome!!!


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