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Advice on converting first-floor full bathroom to half bathroom

3 years ago

We're in the process of purchasing a home that has three bedrooms on the second floor with two full bathrooms (one w/ a standing shower and one w/ a tub). There's also a full bathroom on the main floor, off of a short hallway from the kitchen. The bathroom feels cramped and dated. Plus, the toilet is right in the line of sight from the kitchen, so you see it when you're standing in the kitchen if the bathroom door is open. Because the house has two full bathrooms upstairs (and no bedrooms on the first floor), we don't really see the tub getting any use on a regular basis.

We've been talking with our contractor about possible renovations, including replacing the tub with a shower and re-configuring the layout so that the toilet is against a different wall. But the price tag is pretty high, and it seems like we'd be paying a lot for a new tub or shower that we won't really use. And to move the toilet out of the line of sight from the kitchen while keeping a shower, the shower would have to be around 30 x 30 in -- basically, the bare minimum.

I'm wondering whether it wouldn't be much simpler to just convert the full bathroom into a half bathroom. Our realtor thinks that going from a full to a half would hurt the market value of the property, but everyone else that I talk to agrees that no one would ever really want to shower or take a bath next to the kitchen. If we have overnight guests who stay on the first floor or in the basement, which also has a half bathroom, I guess it might be slightly more convenient for them to shower on the first floor than to head up to the second floor. But we only rarely have overnight guests (e.g., major holidays), and they could always just go upstairs. In an ideal world, we would convert the half-bathroom in the basement into a full bathroom for guests, but that's not an option. The ceilings in the basement are too low.

So, are we crazy to "downsize" from a full bath to a half bath on the first floor? That would fit how we plan to use the bathroom much better, but we're a little risk averse to the thought that we'd make the house less marketable long-term. From 3 bd/3 full baths/1 half bath to 3 bd/2 full baths/2 half baths.

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