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Any recommendations for flooring of my bathroom and kitchen/hallway

Roland Deschain
4 years ago

Hi everyone. I think I need your perspective on some design elements for my 2 bedroom condo that I am remodeling.

These are certain:

- The walls will be white, off white or slightly greyed out white.

- The baseboard will be white

- The floor will be laminated with this color wooding.

- The doors are going to be like this.

- The backsplash is going to be a version of subway tile like this.

- I am not decided on the color of granite countertop.

- Bathroom walls are going to be the same subway tile variant.

- I will have a wall to wall glass covered shower.

- Sink and bathroom cabinet is going to look like this.

1- Which of these would you recommend for bathroom floor considering the whole bathroom is barely larger then 6 m2...?









2- What would you recommend for me as hallway/kitchen flooring again considering the kitchen is barely larger than 7 m2 (great for a size in my country and for a 2 bedroom condo but not large enough to have an island) I wish to have a classical grounded style with white cabinets. Would it be good to have wood looking ceramics underneath?

PS: Why am I stuck with the ceramic I laid out above? Because my contractor can only give me these options with the very low price I am getting.

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