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How to tell if my new bathroom shower leaks

5 years ago

One reason we are remodeling our current upstairs bathroom is that it leaks into the family room below during long showers (we found black mold on the ceiling). We currently have a hole in the ceiling for investigating and tracking this leak. The bathroom installers could fix this ceiling hole as part of the job. Part of me would like to repair this hole ASAP once we start to remodel that bathroom since it's ugly, but the other part of me feels like I should leave it open for the same reason as we have it open now (to track if there is a leak).

If we were to fill in the drywall, would that take away our ability to look for a leak within the shower warrantee period? And if we do leave it open, how long do you think we would have to wait before feeling safe enough to close it up? Thanks

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