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Hands covered with poison-ivy like rash. No poison ivy found

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Last weekend I was trimming and weeding around our Arboracola, Indian Hawthorne, and Robellini and a few days later my hands were covered in a poison ivy like rash. PI and I have a long history so I know what to look for. The mystery is that I found no poison ivy in the landscape bed. I even went and raked through the debris pile to see if I pulled one up. Nothing!

We do have a pesky two leaved skinny vine weed that needs constant pulling, but I didn't see anything other than that. And have not previously gotten a rash.

Other than the possibility that there was only one PI plant and I pulled it out, I am stumped.

Any ideas on what other plants could cause this? I have trimmed these shrubs and tree before with no reaction. I am about ready to give up gardening because of this misery. I had this a few months ago, but was from my backyard flower garden and I did discover PI that had ridden in on some Sun Hostas I bought the previous year. But not knowing where I got this current case makes me want to stay clear of plants for ever.



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