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Subway tile, stacked or classic brick style?

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I am putting economical 3x6 white subway tile into a tiny 32x30-ish alcove shower (7 feet to ceiling). Should I stack it or lay it offset (like bricks)?

I’m leaning toward stacked because other elements in the room tend to lie on a grid, the light fixture has a slightly asian look, and the fixtures have very square lines and corners. Disadvantage is the 3x6 tiles are not that wide to make it look really horizontal. If I used wider tiles the price doubles and there would be a max of 3 tiles across each wall.

I’m open to offset because it is popular, it may appeal more to buyers, and it may be easier to install.

I’m not sure which will make the shower look larger. There may be a niche or two which may look better with stacked tile.

Grout will probably be white making the shower more monochromatic. There will be a contrast stripe of mosaic glass and stone tile (in a horizontal offset pattern), and the niche shelves will be stone that matches one of the tiles in the accent stripe.

Here are a couple of inspiration photos.

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