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30" Sub Zero in Kitchen Now - Replace with 42" or Augment with Drawers

K. G.
4 years ago

We're moving our kitchen to a different room and I am getting new appliances. The small kitchen we use now has a 30" Sub Zero with a drawer on the bottom. It's too small for our family of 4. We have an extra GE fridge that's in the basement that will go in the new pantry, which will be right off the kitchen. I think I know the right answer, which is to bite the bullet and get rid of the 30" SubZero and get a 42" SubZero, but I wanted to see if anyone had any creative solutions (like using refrigerator drawers, a beverage center, etc.) that would cost less and I could still use the 30" fridge. I am also worried that if I keep the 30" fridge, it will look too small in the new kitchen next to the 48" range. The 30" fridge is stainless steel so I couldn't hide it behind panels, unless there is away to take the stainless off. With a spare fridge close by, I wanted to explore my options before I plunk down $12K for a 42" SubZero. Care to share your opinions or offer up some advice?

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