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30' versus 36' BlueStar Range

13 years ago

I am trying to decide between 30â and 36â BlueStar gas ranges. I realize that the thread is out of my hands once I start it, but I can ask, up-front, that you not point me to threads describing problems that several people have had with, e.g., the oven door on a BS range or to testimonials from individuals who are thrilled with their new Capital ranges (or old Wolf or Viking, or what have you). I mean no disrespect for those who have chosen differently, but IâÂÂve seen what IâÂÂve seen, read what IâÂÂve read, and made my call. This is the home stretch, and IâÂÂd prefer not to go back to the beginning of the race and start over right now.

In favor of 30 for me: (a) no resistance from spouse, (b) it will fit neatly into the spot now occupied by our 12-plus year-old profile gas range (and the new hood will fit above it), (c) on a daily basis, and maybe most weeks, I donâÂÂt use more than 4 burners at a time, and (d) I really like the arrangement of the burners on the BS 30" model, as they seem very nicely spaced and less likely to be overcrowded than many competing 30 inch models, (e) no sacrifice of existing counter space or existing cabinet space, and (f) itâÂÂs a bit less expensive (both the range itself and accommodating the range).

In favor of 36 for me: (a) spouse might be willing, (b) sometimes I want more burners, even if not typically (c) sometimes I want more space on the stove/range-top, even if not typically. Tolerating 36: the extra cost is not a deal breaker for us (we donâÂÂt like to throw that sort of money away, but we have it and can afford the extra expense, so the difference is not a problem).

Background: We have a relatively large kitchen. At the same time, we have 3 kids and lots of stuff, so we do not feel that our empty cab space nor counter space cups are exactly running over. OTOH, thereâÂÂs room to install a pantry, so maybe itâÂÂs not a big deal either way. Counters (installed by prior owner) are granite and we like them; cabinets (installed by prior owner) are fine (we donâÂÂt love them, but we like them fine and are not ripping them all out to install something better). Basically, we are glad enough to spend some money to improve our kitchen, but we donâÂÂt want to gut it and start over.

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