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Grading plan - who offers this and is a topography survey required?

east coaster
4 years ago

Hello, everyone! So we hired a landscape architect to create a master plan for our lot. This includes installation of a new double driveway (originally one) and building a new garage as well as a new front walkway, and backyard patio. We currently do not have a garage, and are ordering it prefab from the Amish with bids for foundation and pad. Took our plans to the city to see what was needed. Zoning officer said that a grading plan would be required.

We were referred to an individual familiar with township zoning laws (credentials: landscape architect and professional planner) but I left my meeting with him a little wary as he was trying to upsell other services he provided. I asked to see an example of what he was proposing to me and it just look like a basic topography survey with concentrated lines (graded) on the newly proposed driveway.

For a grading plan, is a topography survey required? I was being billed differently for both - one price for the grading plan and one price for the topography survey. Is this typical? And is it necessary to have both? Are there typically different prices for different areas of "grading?" (i.e., one price for grading the driveway, another cost of grading walkway, etc)

Who provides this service? A civil engineer? A land surveyor? I'd like to get different bids before deciding on who to go with.

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