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***PLEASE HELP*** Bathroom Tile Pattern ***PLEASE HELP****

debra donnelly
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Our new home is under construction in another state.

The tile setter sent these photos of the bathroom floor. I was not expecting to see the tiles set at a 30/70 split.

I wanted them set at 50, but from what the installer explained to me and from what I’ve read here, I now understand that because of lipping and cupping this was necessary. It’s pretty, I like it, and I can live with it.

NOW, my question is... what pattern do I put on the shower walls?!?!? The shower wall tiles are the same size and shape of the floor tiles, except they are shiny bright white. The shower floor tiles are 2” X 2” and they’re variegated gray/white to tie the two together.

I had planned on setting the shower wall tiles horizontally, (because I LOVE that look), but now the installer is telling me I should consider a vertical setting so that it’s not distracting to the eye. He made this suggestion AFTER I asked if he was going to set the horizontal shower wall tiles at 30/70, or at 50. Ultimately, he said the choice is mine, but now I’m fearful that I’ll have different patterns competing against one another. So, I need your help!

Should I have him:

1. Set them horizontally at a 30/70 split?

2. Set them horizontally at a 50 split?

3. Set them vertically at a 30/70 split?

4. Set them vertically at a 50 split?

Thank you so much for ANY suggestions!!!

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