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My little tree is dying and I don't know why

Matas Merfeldas
5 years ago


So my friend moved away for the summer and left me his tree to take care of. He told me to water it once a month and all is going to be fine. However, it's started shedding leaves about two weeks ago and as you can see from the state of the leaves, looks like the rest is going to fall off in the coming weeks, too.

So I've got two questions:

1. what is this plant called, so i could check the precise conditions needed for it to grow (my friend doesn't know either)

2. Maybe somebody has some clue what might be wrong with it. Here's how it's being kept at the moment:

I water it whenever the soil gets dry, aka every 3-4 days

It is now being kept in direct sunlight for the past 5 days

It is left on the window sill throughout the night, too. It does get slightly chilly, about 11-14 degrees C (low-mid 50s F)

It seems like new leaves are sprouting, so I'm very confused.

Please help this darn tree survive, I know nothing about plants and really don't want to kill it, since it's not even mine haha.


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