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Antihistamines and cravings

4 years ago

This spring, I took Claritin-24 hour (note: not with D) almost every day for 3 months for mild allergies. Wondering if my allergy season had past, I stopped on May 4. By May 5 I was suddenly and totally free of the constant craving for sugar and fat that had plagued me for many weeks, had made me stock up on cookies and ice cream at every store trip and gain much weight. My cravings had been such that I could not sit and watch TV without chewing on something tasty.

Six weeks later, the cravings have not returned. For stuffy nose or leaking eyes, I take the same Claritin 2 or 3 times a week. It's hard to find online much about the weight-gaining effects of antihistamines - I assume due to the pharmaceutical industry's huge presence on the web.

Other personal health info that may be involved: I am 75 years-old. Developed hives (where legs rub together walking a treadmill) for the first time in my life, after being in swimming pools twice in past year; cured quickly with anti-histamine (Claritin-24).

I took the Rx steroidal spray Nasonex for several years to combat a life-long post-nasal drip. Last year it seemed not to work as well, and as the Claritin was helping the problem, my doctor said to quit and if needed we would try something else. The Nasonex supply ran out during April.

I seem to be more delicious than ever to the no-seeum insects (this is Florida).

I hope this helps someone or brings me more info on the subjects of histamines, anti-histamines, or cravings!


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