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Updating my late 90s kitchen with weird peninsula - help!

Angela E
4 years ago

My kitchen is meh. I wish it looked worse than it did because then I’d justify ripping everything out and spending the money on our renovation but after a couple years of living with granite tile countertops and this ugly light oak cabinets and dark square tile backsplash, it’s time for a change. And the track lighting has to go.

My question is, am I stuck with the layout with this peninsula?

I want white everything in here. I like modern especially want a waterfall counter on the edge.

Can I keep my cabinet base and paint in white and just replace the doors to make it modern? Do people do that? I feel like that’s cost effective.

The back partial wall behind the kitchen sink is going to get knocked down to be level with the counter to open it up.

The where the living room couch is now will change to be a dining room after we knock down a large fireplace wall that the couch is facing.

Any tips and advice to on modernizing this kitchen will be greatly appreciated

im sorry I didn’t clean my kitchen before taking these photos but I figured youd get the picture

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